Avoid Flipkart Seller Account Suspension

According to Indian Onlie Seller Association, Flipkart sellers are most vulnerable of account suspension.
Here we wlll see why Flipkart bans its sellers and how to avoid it:


1. Selling counterfeit products (suspicion too)

This happens when customers complans of duplicate products, suspension is not immediate but after a few complains seller is suspended.

e.g. Selling first copy Ray Ban sunglasses

The seller needs to present a valid tax Invoice from supplier or Brand certificate to restore your account.
To avoid this suspension make sure your supplier is sourcing good quality products.

2. High returns and quality issue

This is purely due to customer dissatisfaction. Reason one is customer returns and most of the return are due to quality issue then your account is suspended.
Returns could be due to: Size misfit, received damaged etc these returns are not counted here.

How to avoid this? Carefully assess your returns and imporvise your products.

3. Low ratings (seller metrics)

A rating is given to sellers, It is is a combination of various metrics like return percentage, reviews, SLA bleaches etc. once this rating drops below certain threshold the seller account is suspended.

Account can be reactivated by giving a detailed plan of action to the Flipkart seller support.

4. Committing fraud against other sellers

If a seller is involed in damaging other sellers reputation or sales and Flipkart finds out after other sellers complaint then results in suspension with this reason. Usually following scenarios happens:

  • Commit fraud against other sellers by posing as fraudulent customers.
  • Giving fake orders to other sellers.

5. Excess orders

This is a wierd issue, account is suspended if you recieve lots of orders and if they think you can not fulill these orders they suspend you account. Generally happens during Big Billion Sales, small sellers recieves lots of orders but get suspended if they don’t process orderes at same pace.

Flipkart Says “It is to avoid the possibility of high seller cancellations, SLA breaches, pick-up reattempts and hence the resulting poor defect scores.”. Your account is automatically restored after you fulfill these orders.

If you have any other doubts post below we will surely help you out.