B2B Marketplaces in India for sellers

B2B marketplaces are the next revolution in the eCommerce segment in India. During the past 2 years, we saw many emerging players in this segment. The sellers were most benefited from this competition if you’re a seller or even buyer and are considering B2B marketplaces for selling or buying products it’s best to compare it on all marketplaces.

Following are some of the popular B2B marketplaces in India:

  1. Udaan:
    It is the most popular B2B platform in India. It provides other services like Credit too if you are opening your new shop. Though we have fewer options here on Udaan it is expanding at a very fast rate.

  2. IndiaMART:
    Not technically a marketplace since sellers are not directly using the platform to sell. It has the largest database of Manufacturers, Distributors in India.

  3. Amazon Business
    If you are buying in bulk you would obviously consider Amazon Business. Competitive prices with the trust of Amazon who would not consider it right.

  4. Flipkart Wholesale
    Why would Flipkart lag behind in this race? As soon as the Amazon Business segment was launched Flipkart jumped into this category.

  5. Meesho
    If you don’t want any headache of Shipping, Packaging, Storing, etc., and just want to take profits while sitting at your home. This may be the best option available. Share the catalog with your friends on WhatsApp and simply include your commission.

If you would like to add any more B2B marketplaces reply below.

Happy Selling!

Infographic for B2B Marketplaces in India