Digicommerce Agency services

Numerous sellers have reported that they were cheated or were unsatisfied with Digicommerce service.

Their official website is www.digicommerce.in, they provide Catalog, Listing, etc services for many e-commerce websites.

Here I have curated the reviews which I found on Facebook Public groups:

Mohit Roy on eCommerse Sellers Association group says that he hired the Digicommerce for Amazon service where he made payment in advance but after receiving the payment the Agency stopped picking up his calls. He posted it to make other sellers aware.

Another person Ritesh Shah has a similar experience where he made the advanced payment but he received no service in return and they stopped responding to him.

A Facebook account named Future Ideas says they call much time before payment but make excuses after that.

These are just a few examples, I literally read many comments and posts criticizing Digicommerce for their services.

This topic is created to make sellers aware of the services provided by Digicommerce service. If you have a similar experience you can reply below.