Flipkart Amazon Brand Authorization

Do we need a brand authorization certificate if we buy electronic products from the wholesale markets like JBL speakers boat or any other brands and want to sell on Flipkart or Amazon?

If you are selling on either Flipkart or Amazon you can sell generic or branded products. If you are selling branded products these marketplaces ask for (only 1 out of following)

  • Brand authorization certificate
  • GST Invoice

Given in your situation you are buying products from wholesale markets or distributors of JBL speakers, you need to ask for valid invoice for the same.

Do a quality check yourself whether the product is genuine or not before selling to customers. These marketplaces are very sensitive in this case they follow zero-tolerance against sellers selling fake/first copy products. I have personally seen 100s of sellers being suspended and banned from these marketplaces for this reason.

If you’re yourself a distributor then you will definitely have a brand authorization certificate. If you are a trader ask for GST Invoice from your supplier.

Brand Authorization certificate will look something like this:

If you have any doubts reply to this thread below.

A lot of people are asking me about brand authorization letter format, I am attaching the file below.

Brand Authorization Letter Format Flipkart & Amazon.docx (13.5 KB)

I hope it will be helpful. I have also attached the screenshot of the file below.