Sell bicycles on ecommerce websites?

Can I sell non-branded bicycles on eCommerce websites like Amazon or Flipkart?

Yes, you can sell non-branded bicycles on Amazon or Flipkart these will come under the generic category. See more about selling generic products on this post below.

Now in your case you are selling bicycles, you need to remember the following points:

  • Good quality photos with white background
  • Shipping: Amazon may not provide shipping for bicycles for new sellers, Flipkart provides it but shipping will be expensive based on the size and weight of the bicycle. For Amazon, you can find third-party shipping services.
  • Packaging: For both Amazon and Flipkart you need to do packaging such that it is delivered to the customer without damages.
  • Commission: Selling a bicycle is a low margin business so calculate beforehand how much profit you can earn and you are okay with it.

If you have any other doubts reply below.

Happy Selling!

Can I sell PU leather car seat covers in Flipkart without a trademark?

For selling PU leather car seat covers without a trademark, you need to understand what is trademark and why we need it.

A trademark is needed to protect the brand from other sellers from misusing, that is they can not use your brand name to sell if you have a trademark.

Yes, obviously you can sell products without a trademark on both Flipkart and Amazon. Once the product gets popular the seller should get a trademark (Anyone can get it) to protect its brand.