Sell nonbranded on Flipkart

Can I sell nonbrand ladies’ handbags on Flipkart?

Yes, you can sell unbranded products on Flipkart if you are the manufacturer of the product or have a valid invoice.

This means you do not have a trademark certificate, bar code, etc. Be careful this doesn’t mean you can sell first copy products. Your account could get suspended if you do so.

You need to put few details on the product packaging.

  • MRP
  • SKU
  • Product color or other identifiable details like size etc.
  • Helpline number

You will be fine and can list your products. However, if you want to sell on amazon you can sell it in a generic category. Remember to not put your brand name which matches with any other brand that will result in trademark infringement.

One drawback of selling unbranded products or generic products is that any other seller can hijack your listing, can make changes to it which will affect your sales. So, it is advisable to have a trademark on your brand name to protect yourself in such a scenerario.

Happy Selling!