Sell on Flipkart's Shopsy

Shopsy is a new venture by Flipkart which shares similarities with Meesho. If you are already a reseller on Meesho and are frustrated with their returns and payment policy, then Shopsy is your choice. In this article, our primary focus will be on resellers.

How to start selling on Shopsy?

Starting your online business with Shopsy is very easy. Just follow the below steps.

  • Download the App

  • Log in with your contact number.

  • Update your basic user information such as Name, Contact Number, Email ID under the ‘My Account’ section

  • Place orders on behalf of your contacts and start earning Margins.

Benefits of starting an online business with Shopsy

Starting an online business with Shopsy has many benefits, and the app is super easy to use. Browse through the extensive collection of products on Shopsy. Select the products you think your contacts would like and start placing orders to earn money quickly.

Please keep reading to find out more about Shopsy and what are its benefits.

What are the Benefits of starting your online business with Shopsy?

There are multiple benefits that Shopsy offers that make it the best platform to earn money from home:

Wide Selection of Products:

Shopsy has the largest selection of products. You get access to more than 15 cr product listings across Fashion, Beauty, Mobiles, Home and more. Hence, you will always find something that you can share with your contacts. Whether you are looking for occasion-specific products or the latest trends, Shopsy has everything you are looking for to run a successful business online.

Reliable Delivery:

Shopsy offers impressive and reliable delivery service to the end customers. Once you place your order on the app and provide the customer’s delivery address, Shopsy ensures delivery within 7 working days with an end-to-end tracking facility. Powered by Flipkart’s reliable delivery systems, Shopsy offers swift delivery of products.

High-quality Products

With over a 1 lakh supplier base, Flipkart, over a decade, has been able to build quality guardrails that ensure that you gain access to quality products that have the most transparent customer reviews. Powered by trusted suppliers, all the products listed are of the best quality and reliability.

These were just a few of the benefits of Shopsy, and you will see along your online business journey that there are many more advantages too.

If you face any issues while registering or in general, then you can contact Shopsy here:
Toll-Free Contact No: 18003099898

For Suppliers

Flipkart didn’t directly invite new sellers for Shopsy. They already had an extensive database of sellers from Flipkart, and they asked their top sellers here.