Should you pay for onboarding?

If you are on any facebook group you’ll see post that says

Myntra Seller onboarding at Rs. 9999
Launch products on Meesho in under Rs. 5000, payment after work

I found the following price chart from one such post:

Let me tell you If you are reading this post then you don’t have to spend a single rupee for registering on these marketplaces.

  • These marketplaces have made onboarding very simple, to attract more sellers.
  • It is not secure to share your documents and login credentials with any random person on Internet.
  • Registering on a single platform takes around 45-60 mins overall, you’ll save almost 2000/hr but if your time is more important then go with a reliable service.
  • If you’re not technically advanced and don’t want to handle these things better alternative would be to hire an assistant because you’ll face problem after onboarding too like, listing, order management, managing returns etc.

Important: Onboarding is first part, these services have a funnel designed where Onboarding is first part so scenarino will go like this:

  • Let me onboard you on flipkart Rs 2000
  • Want to list product? Another Rs 2000
  • Want to increase sales? Another Rs 5000
  • And this funnels go very deep, will rip off your profits

So its advisable to learn this things on your own or simply hire someone full time to manage this.

Also, if you decided to do it by yourself then you can post your doubts and questions on this forumn our experts and community will surely help you out.