What types of sales does Amazon India have?

If you are looking to sell on Amazon India then festivals are the best times. And in India, you will find big festivals almost all the time of year. Following are some of the biggest festival sales by Amazon and Flipkart in India.

  1. Diwali Sale: Around the second week of October, It is the biggest festival in India. Compare the scale with Christmas.
  2. Dhanteras Sale: Just a week before Diwali. This festival is specifically for shopping, similar to Black Friday sales.
  3. Christmas Sale: Yes we do have sales during Christmas, a big one.
  4. Republic Day Sale: On 26 January
  5. Holi Sale: During the first half of March we have Holi, the festival of Colors.
  6. Independence day Sale: On 15th August.

This list is in order of size of sales during the year. Almost September-October is full of sales, search Great Indian Festival Sale.