Why Flipkart sellers are shifting to Meesho?

Meesho is specifically targeting Flipkart sellers, it could be easily seen on their pricing page. What they are offering is also attractive. Meesho has straightaway slashed the following components that sellers pay on Flipkart:

  • No Shipping charge
  • No Collection Fee: Charged for payment gateways
  • No Fixed Fee: Charged mandatorily on Flipkart as some categories like books have 0% commission.

The only component which sellers have to pay is the Commission, which on average is merely 1.30%, and if you add GST that comes out around 1.36% which is very less than what Flipkart charges to its sellers. Meesho is in its early stage if things go right sellers on Meesho could search for higher revenue than Flipkart sellers on the same sales. Also, the suppliers can give more discounts to resellers from the amount which is just saved or we can say that Flipkart’s money is distributed among supplier-resellers-consumers.

If you see Flipkart Pricing page and Compare it with Meesho Pricing Page, they look almost similar and you can see how Meesho has taken down Flipkart with the following comments:

Taking about the Meesho model, It needs to focus more on the supplier side, the demand side is managed by their resellers. That is why you won’t see Meesho advertisement as a reseller then you see as a supplier. So, If you are still not onboarded on Meesho then do it right now. You are surely losing sales right now.

Happy Selling!

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