Why udaan is not accepting new sellers?

Did Udaan stopped onboarding sellers?

No, You can Still Register as a Seller on Udaan. Read How!

If you visit on Sell on Udaan tab on their app it says they are currently not accepting new applications to sell on Udaan.

Many don’t know but Seller onboarding never stops on Marketplaces/ B2B platforms. You will be easily onboarded if you are a distributor or a manufacturer. You need to do the following:

  • Email at help@udaan.com, about your product category and business and request for onboarding. You will receive a reply within 2-4 days.
  • Call at 1800 121 0985 and discuss with the executive how you can be onboarded.

Udaan business development team decides whether you can be onboarded on not and they will guide you for the further process accordingly. In current times all the new sellers are onboarded through this method.

What is Udaan?

Udaan is a leading B2B trade platform in India. Specifically targeting small and medium businesses in India. They provide products to small dukaans at wholesale prices, deliver at the doorstep. They also provide credit if you are starting your business. They have over 30,00,000 retail customers and over 25,000 sellers and services in over 900 cities.

Why they stopped the previous method?

As said they already have over 25000 sellers already on their platform this is one reason. Another reason is that the Udaan Business team found out that most of the sellers applying for onboarding are Traders, and not Distributors or Manufacturers. Traders were not able to sell the products at a good price point, remember Udaan is a B2B platform and you are selling to other businesses and not a retail customer so you need to give some margin of profit to them too. Soon, the platform was flooded by more traders and fewer distributors and manufacturers. Because of this Udaan team stopped onboarding publicly to discourage traders and they were directly contacting big distributors and manufacturers.

What are your chances?

Your chances are good If you are a big distributor of a brand or a manufacturer. Even if you are a trader and you are selling in a unique product category then your chances are good.

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